Specialist Carpet and Couch Cleaners

Our Products

We are the Recommended Distributors of the following Carpet Cleaning Machines in Southern Africa and range of Gaomei Products:

The minimum order for the above chemicals starts from R 500. Delivery anywhere in Johannesburg.

The CARPET Dirty Eater: R0.00
  • comes with Upholstery(GM -3/5) Cleaning Tool
  • is Durable,
  • has Unique Vibrating Brush,
  • is Locally Serviced,
  • is Cost Effective.

We are Proud Distributors of the following Chemicals:

The CARPET Cleaner: R0.00
  • It is packaged in 25L bottles,
  • has the Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Chemical,
  • It is ISO 9002 Approved.
Anti-Foam: R0.00
  • It is packaged in 5L bottles,
  • It kills foams in Carpet Cleaning Machines.
Stain Remover: R0.00
  • It comes in 25L bottles,
  • It is for all Stubborn Carpet Stains,
  • It is SAB Approved

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