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Upholstery Cleaning & Fabric Protection

Upholstery Cleaning & Fabric Protection (Scotchguard & Masterguard)

Upholstery Cleaning & Fabric Protection


Upholstery Cleaning (Couch cleaning , chair cleaning ) Johannesburg.

We are experts in couch cleaning and chair cleaning in Johannesburg. If you need your office chairs cleaned or perfect dining room chair cleaning Johannesburg , there is no better place than Carpetpros. 

Our furniture cleaning crew in Johannesburg is well equipped and well trained to deal with complex cleaning situations. We pride ourselves in efficient cleaning services. 

Feel and restore your comfort with CarpetPros upholstery cleaning. CarpetPros has perfected the art of upholstery cleaning and furniture Cleaning. CarpetPros professional upholstery cleaners are specially trained in even the most delicate fabrics. Our upholstery cleaning services help you maintain the beauty, appearance & softness of your upholstery. Give your couch a new lease of life with CarpetPros's exclusive couch cleaning services. CARPETPROS ..no one cleans better!!

Fabric Protection (Scotchguard & Masterguard) Johannesburg.

Powered by scotchguard & Masterguard CarpetPros has become the Industry leader in fabric protection . Our well trained trechnicians know the value of your furniture and and they go an extra mile to protect it from stains and dirty . We are experts in scotchguard and masterguard application. To scotchguard your furniture today call the professionals, because "Nothing beats experience".

Fabric protection masterguard  or scotchguard  protects your furniture from permanent staining . We at Carpetpros  apply scotchguard using the highest standard ever . Call us today and your furniture will be protected.


Do you want to buy scotchgard in South Africa?  Give  us a call today and we will deliver it to you.


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